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  • Injuries: Multiple injuries including loss of index finger
  • Amount of Settlement: $100,000.00
  • Date: February, 2003
  • Work Injury, Trail Attorney

While working for a well known employer that distributes baking needs, the employee was assaulted and injured by another employee resulting in the loss of his index finger. The employer never timely reported it to his Workers’ Compensation insurance company, and misled the employee by stating the employer would cover the lost wages and medical treatment while out of work. Employer did not keep his word and denied the claim to the Workers’ Compensation insurance company. Attorney Michael Facchini filed a Workers’ Compensation claim and prevailed on all claims for lost wages and medical treatment. After prevailing on the workers’ compensation claim, Attorney Michael Facchini filed a lawsuit in Superior Court for the employee’s resumption of his job (wrongfully terminated) and retaliation. There was no offer of the return of employment or settlement by the employer. After a five day trial, the Jury awarded the employee $100,000.00 and his job back.