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Workers Compensation Claims

Injuries at the workplace are common. Under Massachusetts law, there is practically a no fault system assigned to an employee when injured. If injured in the course of his or her employment, the employee is covered under the employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance (unless the employee was under the influence or the injury was intentionally self-inflicted). In addition, there is absolutely no fee to obtain a Workers’ Compensation attorney, as all attorney fees are paid from winning and/or settling your case. Since many employers and their human resources personnel sometimes give uninformed or even misleading information regarding your rights and responsibilities after being injured at work, it’s crucial to have a competent, knowledgeable attorney on your si
de. Our law firm expertly assists injured people with Workers’ Compensation claims, third-party personal injury claims, and lawsuits. If you have been injured at work, we can help you understand all of the benefits for which you may be eligible under Workers’ Compensation and help you obtain them.

I specialize in work related injuries and successfully winning these cases for my clients. I take the time to fully explain your legal rights, how the law applies, and what your employer can and cannot do against an injured employee who asserts their legal rights. Most employees have worked long, dedicated careers for an employer when an unexpected injury has arisen. Kindly allow my law firm to protect your legal rights, your employment, and your compensation for the injuries you incurred. The Law Office of Michael D. Facchini fights for injured employees above and beyond like no other.


Work Injury Cases