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  • Amount of Settlement: $200,000.00
  • Date: November, 2013
  • Work Injury

Attorney Michael D. Facchini prevailed prior to trial before the Administrative Judge to have his client placed on total disability benefits. Our client was a 64 year old truck driver who incurred a significant and permanent injury to his shoulder, preventing him from returning to that type of employment. The insurance company Appealed the Conference Order. Prior to the Trial, the insurer made an offer to settle the case. Attorney Michael D. Facchini recommended that his client decline this third settlement offer by the insurer because it was opined by Attorney Facchini not to be in his client’s best interest. Attorney Michael D. Facchini negotiated and made several counter offers to the insurer to no avail. Shortly before the Trial, the Insurer agreed to Attorney Facchini’s settlement demand on behalf of his client for $200,000.00. The insurer accepted and our client settled his case.