My Area of Expertise

Over the course of my career, I have focused on representing employees injured at work, personal injury cases such as car accidents, as well as criminal defense and breach of contract cases. I will go to court to fight the good fight if a case is not settled fairly.

For the past 19 years, I have personally handled and prevailed on hundreds of thousands of work related injuries- from herniated discs, meniscus knee injuries, shoulder injuries, loss of fingers, foot injuries, scarring, and deformities. My reputation as a Workers’ Compensation attorney is well known, prevailing on 98% of all claims I have taken. I am dedicated to obtaining for my clients the well deserved lost wages and medical treatment that insurance companies routinely deny. Let me make it clear: just because an insurance claims adjuster denies your claim does not in any way mean that you do not have a claim. It is my role to level the playing field and to win on behalf of injured employees and other injured parties.

I have a winning record of obtaining disability benefits, medical treatment, and permanent injury compensation on behalf of clients from all walks of life who are severely injured and unable to return to work. Since work related injuries are complex and Workers’ Compensa
tion rights are often difficult to understand, having proven and professional legal counsel is essential. You have the right to file a claim without retaliation and to be treated by your own choice of physician. On each and every case in which I have prevailed, the insurance company had initially denied my clients their benefits. If injured at work, you’re entitled to retain your own attorney without paying for it out of your pocket, without risk of losing your employment for obtaining an attorney, and to be advised of your legal rights as a result of work related injury. Under the workers compensation law, if and when we win your case, the insurance company is required to pay your attorney fees; that is the law.



Work Injuries


  • Injuries at work happen all the time and under Massachusetts law, there is practically a NO FAULT system assigned to an employee when injured. If the employee is in the course of his employment and is injured, he/she is covered. The few times an employee may not be covered is if he/she is under the influence at the time of the injury and/or intentionally injured themselves.
  • In all other cases, even if the employee was not 100% careful, but injured himself or was injured by another employee, he is covered under the workers’ compensation insurance.DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR EMPLOYER OR HUMAN RESOURCE PERSON THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY OR YOUR NOT COVERED. THERE IS NO FEE TO OBTAIN A WORKERS’ COMPENSATION ATTORNEY – MY FEE COMES FROM WINNING YOUR CASE AND IS PAID BY THE INSURER. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS, CALL ME!
  • Our law firm assists injured people with workers’ compensation claims and third-party personal injury claims and lawsuits.
  • Unsure if you have a third-party claim or if workers’ comp is your only option? Ask an attorney to review your case. We can also help you understand all of the benefits for which you may be eligible under Workers’ Comp. Contact Michael D. Facchini online via our contact page or call Toll FREE at 1.866.205.2334 to speak with a lawyer in our Springfield office.