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  • Result: DISMISSED Prior to Motion to Suppress
  • Criminal Defense

Young man charged with possession of marijuana, distribution of marijuana, school zone violations by Town of Wilbraham all charges Dismissed. Involved a young adult who allegedly sold marijuana to an informant, who then reported to the Police, who then stopped the young adult and arrested him. While the young adult was transported to the Police Department, the Hampden County Drug Task force went to his home, under duress, obtained permission to search the home and discovered a small amount of marijuana in the son’s room. Our law firm was retained, we aggressively challenged the stop and seizure of our client and the search of his home. Part of our zealous legal representation is to aggressively request documents in the possession, custody and control of the involved multiple police departments and District Attorney’s Office. Due to non-cooperation and dilatory tactics by the Police/Commonwealth in producing documents, we filed many Motions with the Court for the production of Police records, identity of the police, informants, protocols for search and seizures that were Ordered to be Produced. In addition, we retained an investigator on behalf of our client, who is a retired Massachusetts State Trooper who greatly assisted in identifying and obtaining statement from the informant, and his involvement with the arrest. Through our persistent legal representation, challenges to the lack of production of documents by the Commonwealth and refusal to plea the case out on a lesser included offense and/or a continuing without a finding because we were confident that our client was not guilty of the heightened charges by the Police Department, we continued to purse a Motion to Suppress the evidence seized by the Police. Prior to arguing the Motion to Suppress, the Commonwealth Dismissed all Counts against our client.