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  • Amount of Settlement: $20,000
  • Date: June 2015
  • Car Accident, Work Injury

Our client was driving his car in the course of his work when another vehicle ran a red light and slammed into our client’s driver side door. As a result of the impact, our client was injured with a concussion and back injuries. Our law firm assisted in ensuring that our client received all the necessary medical treatment related to his injuries. The insurance company for the responsible party made initial offers of $3K, $5K and $12K, all of which were rejected by our law firm. Attorney Michael Facchini Demanded the full $20K policy and the insurance company refused to pay it.

FACCHINI LAW FIRM SENT A G.L. C. 93A/176D Demand letter to the car insurance company demanding it offer the full policy due to our client’s serious injuries. The insurance company still refused to extend it. Facchini Law Firm then sent a copy of the lawsuit Complaint and a date it would be filed if Insurance Company did not extend the $20K policy. Shortly thereafter, the Insurance Company extended the $20K policy to FACCHINI LAW FIRM.