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  • Workers’ Compensation Case settlement after retaining Accidental Disability Retirement Benefits by Attorney Michael D. Facchini
  • Amount of Settlement: $30,000.00
  • Date: May, 2013
  • Work Injury

Our client prevailed on his worker’s compensation claims for total disability benefits following a Conference before a Judge by Attorney Michael D. Facchini. While our Client was receiving workers’ compensation benefits, Attorney Facchini was retained to file and assist for his client’s Accidental Disability Retirement benefits. Our client subsequently was awarded his Accidental Disability Retirement Benefits. Thereafter, Attorney Michael D. Facchini negotiated with the City of Springfield to obtain the $30,000.00 settlement of his client’s workers’ compensation benefits. With the settlement of the workers’ compensation benefits, our client now received his full Accidental Disability Retirement Benefits with no further offsets