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  • Injuries: Permanent Herniated Disc, Shoulder Injury, Mental Health Illness
  • Amount of Settlement: $650,000.00
  • Date: September, 2011
  • Work Injury, Trail Attorney

After a trial, A 44 year old injured employee who incurred both a permanent herniated disc injury and shoulder injury while working was awarded benefits for the subsequent mental health injury due to his physical work injuries. The employee was on temporary, total disability benefits for his physical injuries. While he tried to cope with his significant life changes: 1) he would never be able to return to work making good money as a HVAC technician; 2) that he could no longer physically do most of routine daily activities and hobbies pain free directly caused by his injury; 3) his extensive worries about his future loss of finances and 4) inability to provide for his wife and children, the direct result of his injuries was mental health illness. Workers’ Compensation insurance company denied these claims. After a full trial, the Court determined that the injured employee did incur a new injury, specifically, his mental health illness directly resulting from the initial physical work injury and was awarded medical treatment.