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A man was charged with allegedly flashing his buttocks (indecent exposure) to some women who left the scene and called the police an hour later. Our law firm was retained, and zealously defended the client against the unsubstantiated Felony charge based upon photo array. Our law firm, as is customarily done in all cases, requested documents from the Police and Commonwealth of Massachusetts pertaining to the photo array and alleged victim. We obtained our investigator and filed a Motion to Compel Documents against the Commonwealth for failure to produce all known documents in it possession. We prevailed on our Motion and the Court Ordered the Commonwealth to produce documents, which the Commonwealth did. We then researched the felony charge and successfully had the Commonwealth Dismiss the felony to a lesser misdemeanor charge. Through our zealous advocacy and legal skills, we argued to the Court for a Dismissal of the misdemeanor charge (Continuing without a Finding) after a brief period of unsupervised probation.