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  • Michael D. Facchini is the owner and practicing attorney for approximately 19 years.
  • Michael Facchini employs 2 legal secretaries, a Law Clerk and Junior Associate Attorney.
  • Michael Facchini specializes in workers’ compensation, car accidents, dog bites, slip and fall accidents, personal injuries, criminal defense, and breach of contract cases.
  • Michael D. Facchini, FACCHINI LAW FIRM has been located at 728 Liberty Street, Springfield, MA since January, 2013. Attorney Michael D. Facchini owns the building and property.
  • Michael D. Facchini has a degree in Wildlife Biology from Umass, Amherst (1993), a law degree from Western New England University (1998) and nearly completed his teaching certificate from Umass, Amherst. Michael D. Facchini taught biology and other sciences at a Special Needs private school in Holyoke and taught science as a substitute teacher in the Springfield, MA high school system from 1993 through 1995. His past experiences help him to be well-rounded and approach law with a human-centered focus.
  • Attorney Michael D. Facchini has been written up for winning significant workers compensation cases, a Discrimination case and a car accident case in the Massachusetts Lawyer Weekly.
  • Michael D. Facchini has never forgotten his humble, middle class raising by his mother on the Hungry Hill section of Springfield, MA. He practices the type of law that treats all of his diverse clients with the utmost respect, providing each client the individual undivided attention each case deserves and each client expects, and giving the best effort to reach a fair settlement and resolution for each client’s case, over any self-interest.
  • Our motto, “Where Client’s concerns and honesty comes first” is practiced for all and derived directly from Michael Facchini’s integrity and promise.