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  • Result: Awarded wage loss benefits & medical treatment
  • Date: September, 2013
  • Work Injury

Employee was injured during the course of his work, immediately reported it to his supervisor and then followed up with medical treatment before the end of his shift; yet the employer denied medical treatment and the payment of lost wages. The injured employee retained Attorney Michael D. Facchini to represent him with his work injury claims. Our law firm immediately filed a workers’ compensation lawsuit, included claims for the denied medical treatment and lost wages. Employee sustained neck and back injuries and complained about left shoulder pain from the work accident. Employer refused to accommodate the Employee with actual light duty restrictions, forced the 12 year Employee to perform his regular job duties and then fired the Employee when he was late for work, as the Employee was coming from medical treatment for his work injuries. Before the Court, Attorney Michael D. Facchini argued that the Employer’s conduct was outrageous, unethical, as was the workers’ compensation insurance company because all of the medical records and employer’s records documented the work injury and extent of the Employee’s injuries, yet the insurer knowingly denied medical treatment and did not place Employee on disability wages for over five (5) months. The Court agreed, and Awarded all medical treatment, including a shoulder specialist treatment, payment of all medical expenses to date and continuing and lost wages. In addition, because of the unethical and unreasonable denial of the Employee claims by the workers’ compensation insurer, the Court Ordered Penalties against it.