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  • Injuries: Herniated Disc
  • Amount of Settlement: $35,000.00
  • Date: June, 2010
  • Work Injury, Trail Attorney

A 32 year old, healthy woman was injured when she sat in a chair that collapsed while attending an event in the course of her employment. She sustained a herniated disc back injury and was required to undergo surgery. Her employer refused to voluntarily place her on disability benefits. After a full workers’ compensation trial, the Judge awarded the injured employee both temporary and partial disability benefits. We then filed a Third Party lawsuit against the company that was responsible for the chair because it denied any liability. The parties attended a failed mediation where the insurance company for the chair company offered $9,000.00 to settle. At that time, Employee remained out of work, underwent surgery, and incurred substantial medical expenses for her permanent back injury. Shortly before the trial date, the insurance company made an offer of $35,000.00 that she accepted. This is 4 times the last offer made by the insurance company before the lawsuit. In addition, she was awarded approximately $10,000.00 for her loss of function due to the back injury by the workers’ compensation insurance company.