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  • Injuries: Permanent Ankle Injury
  • Amount of Settlement: $27,000.00
  • Date: January 2012
  • Work Injury, Trail Attorney

After a full trial in 2011, a young 30 year old injured employee was awarded temporary total disability benefits due to his permanent ankle/foot injury that was incurred after he slipped and fell on ice while working. The Insurance company refused to place the injured employee voluntarily on worker’s compensation benefits. We filed a claim, had a trial and won! These benefits are paid for 3 years only, and if the employee remains disabled, a new claim must be filed for permanent disability benefits. Recently, after filing for permanent disability benefits, the Court awarded total and permanent disability benefits. September, 2011, insurance company paid approximately $27,000.00 for his loss of function and deformity as a result of this work injury.