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  • Work Injury

A long time truck driver of over 30 years and Vietnam veteran was seriously injured in the course of his employment resulting in shoulder injury and surgery. Worker’s compensation insurance company initially paid the employee, but mislead him by instructing him to sign legal documents, while he did not have an attorney, that indicated that the insurance company was not accepting the work related accident. The injured employee retained Attorney Michael D. Facchini who immediately filed a worker’s compensation claim and challenged the legality of the signed documents presented by the insurance company to the injured employee. We prevailed on the claims and the insurance company backed off, accepted the work related injury, and paid all the substantial medical expenses that were outstanding at the time our law firm was retained. Unfortunately, Employee was unable to return to his regular work and we filed a claim for total and/or partial disability benefits. Employee was awarded partial disability benefits before a Judge at Conference. We have Appealed the Conference Order and the claim is awaiting a trial date. Insurer has offered $65K to settle, but we declined as the offer is unreasonably low and not fair in light of our client’s permanent injuries and inability to return to the only type of work that he has done for 30 years.