An Update on our hours of operation concerning COVID-19: 

The Law Office of Michael D. Facchini, Facchini Law Firm is operating our normal business hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Our office is open to the public with required masks and can also be accessed remotely via telephone and email. We are handling new cases as they arrive, in addition to current cases, to the best of our ability during this pandemic crisis. 

We also ask our clients to be patient and aware that our law firm relies on third parties when involving the receipt of settlement checks. Insurance companies are working remotely and the USPS  may have delays. We rely on our outside bookkeeper as well with the issuance of settlement checks to our law firm.  This said, there may be additional delays in receiving and distributing settlement checks and we are actively doing our best to get settlement checks out to our clients during what may be financially difficult times for many. Thank you for your loyalty, patience, cooperation and understanding during these tough times. Please be healthy and safe.