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  • Amount of Settlement: $600,000
  • Date: December 2015
  • Work Injury

At FACCHINI LAW FIRM, we never sell our client’s out or settle their case short of the reasonable value for their injuries. In this case and thousands of others, I practice what I preach to work hard to obtain very fair settlements for my clients. My clients come first.

The Construction Accident

My client was injured in the course of his work in an accident that was caused by two (2) other construction companies’ negligence. The construction accident happened in Plymouth, Massachusetts while my client was pouring concrete into a foundation. My client was holding a concrete hose, pouring concrete into a foundation, when the mechanism connecting the hose and truck broke apart, causing machinery to crash down from 20 feet above onto my client, severely injuring his back.

Michael Facchini represented and won for this client his workers’ compensation benefits for life, and then filed a civil lawsuit against the two (2) construction companies in Barnstable Superior Court (Cape Cod). FACCHINI LAW FIRM filed a lawsuit suit against the concrete truck company and the company that provided the concrete. After extensive discovery, litigation and on the eve of a 10 day trail, the parties entered into a second (2nd) mediation in December, 2015. After a full day of mediation, the parties entered into a settlement agreement of $600,000.00 for pain and suffering for my client, with no future offset to his workers’ compensation benefits.