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  • Employer Denies injury and all medical treatment
  • Result: Awarded total disability wage loss benefits
  • Date: September, 2013
  • Work Injury

A city worker was injured while cleaning his truck by falling and severely injuring his shoulder. The injury was reported to his employer and Employee subsequently seeks medical treatment at the emergency room. Despite the Employee filing proper procedures for a work injury, including the filing of a work injury report, medical treatment and treatment at the “employer’s medical facility” the Employer Denied all workers’ compensation benefits, including medical treatment and lost wages for over three (3) months. Our law firm was retained and immediately filed a lawsuit for our client’s lost wages and medical treatment. Employer continued to deny all benefits up to and before the Workers’ Compensation Judge. Attorney Michael D. Facchini at the Court proceeding, argued and prevailed that his client’s shoulder injury and required surgery were directly related to his work injury and that he was totally disabled. The Court Awarded total disability wage loss benefits and medical treatment.