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  • Amount of Settlement: $45,000
  • Date: May 2015
  • Car Accident, Work Injury

Our client was involved in a car accident while she was working. Another car ran a stop sign and slammed into our client’s vehicle, causing her to be seriously injured. Our law firm assisted in scheduling all medical treatment, handling her property damage and overseeing her treatment until she was discharged. Our client suffered a herniated disc injury as a result of the other driver causing the accident. Insurance company refused to make any reasonable offer and the last offer it made was $5K. Attorney Michael Facchini threatened to file a lawsuit and the insurance company suggested binding Arbitration. We agreed.

FACCHINI LAW FIRM obtained an Arbitration Award of $45K for our client’s injuries as a result of her car accident while working. Attorney Michael Facchini obtained a Judgment that was 9 times over the last offer of $5K made by the insurance company.