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  • Date: January, 2015 – July 2015
  • Settlement $2,000 – $11,000
  • Car Accident

At FACCHINI LAW FIRM, Attorney Michael Facchini and his staff routinely settle car accident cases for his clients. Some of the recent multiple settlements are:
$11K, $9,500, $7,200, $7K, $6K, $5K and many others in the range of $2K through $5K.

Every case is settled based upon the facts and injuries resulting from each individual car accident.

However, one consistent fact is that Attorney Michael Facchini of FACCHINI LAW FIRM will NEVER recommend settling a case if he believes it is not a fair settlement.

If a settlement is not fair, Attorney Michael Facchini will meet with the client and they will discuss their options. In many cases, it involves sending a G.L. c.93A/176D Demand letter that often will lead to a fair settlement and/or filing a lawsuit.

FACCHINI LAW FIRM is here to represent our client’s best interests first.