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  • Amount of Settlement: $55,000
  • December 1, 2016
  • Car Accident
  • Injury: Herniated Disc
  • Offers: $2K and $5k

This Client was involved in a car accident in Worcester in which she was the passenger. She began her treatment with a chiropractor, as most people do following a car accident. Through her treatment, it became apparent that she was not recovering from the injury, which was believed to be whiplash only. Attorney Michael D. Facchini recommended that his client undergo an MRI, which showed a herniated disc injury. The Client underwent surgery.

The insurance company refused to accept the herniated disc injury. As a result, Attorney Michael D. Facchini filed a lawsuit. The parties went through the process of Discovery involved in a lawsuit and after the Client was deposed (questioned), the case re-entered settlement discussions where the above final offer was reached.