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  • Amount of Settlement: $74,000
  • November 7, 2016
  • Car Accident
  • Injury: Herniated Disc
  • Offers: $6K, $15K, $34K

This Client was involved in a car accident where the person in front of her backed into her. My Client incurred substantial injuries, including soft tissue and a herniated disc injury. As usual with the insurance companies, they initially low balled the value of the case. My Client is a professional who was required to be on her feet 8 hours a day, and was unable to fully perform her occupation without significant pain and discomfort. In addition, she had no previous injuries to her back or previous insurance claims, but was now experiencing significant pain and had to undergo a change of lifestyle through no fault of her own.

Attorney Michael F. Facchini advocated zealously on behalf of the client, and recommended all previous offers be rejected, including the $34K offer, as it was not fair and reasonable. Through extensive settlement negotiations and time, Attorney Michael D. Facchini obtained the $74K settlement offer, which was fair compensation for the client’s particular case.