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Car accident case- June, 2017 Springfield, MA
A young woman driving on Armory Street was struck by another vehicle that failed to stop at the posted Stop sign, colliding with our Client’s vehicle. The accident caused her vehicle to be pinned against the guard rail, windshield shattered causing injuries to her body, and the impact caused her body to be thrown around inside the vehicle. Due to the significant damage on the driver’s side of her vehicle, she was required to crawl out of the hatchway.

Our Client incurred permanent and substantial personal injuries. I demanded the full $100K policy from the insurance company of the driver at fault as fair compensation for my Client’s pain and suffering and permanent injuries. After several advocate letters and conversations sent by Attorney Facchini, including the threat of filing a lawsuit, the insurer did the right thing and extended the $100K policy.

Although this settlement was fair, no matter what amount is recovered it is our Client that will have to endure and cope with these injuries for the rest of her life due to the fault of another negligent driver. We wish her the best and hope this settlement provides some closure, peace and a new start to her life.