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  • Breach of Contract

Our client was alleged to have a phone account with a well known national phone company and allegedly owed a large sum of money approximately in the amount of $5K to the account. Over the course of a year, our client attempted to resolve with the phone company by proving that they had the wrong person. Our client established that he had never lived at the address where the phone line was installed, that the name on the phone records (similar first and last name) was not him by establishing his social security number, driver’s license, and other residence documentation. The company refused to believe him and continued to threaten him with collection and lawsuit. The client retained Michael D. Facchini in 2011, who immediately and aggressively pursued resolution against the phone company. The phone company initially responded in the same manner as it did with the client prior to legal representation. Our law firm sent an Unfair and Deceptive Demand Letter (G.L. c. 93A Demand Letter) to the phone company. Following this G.L. c. 93A letter and Attorney Facchini’s representation that a lawsuit was imminent, the phone company subsequently retreated from all of its demands against our client; retracted that he owed any alleged monies due and retracted all negative credit reports it had made to our client’s credit report.