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  • Breach of Contract

Our client, a very well respected contractor of thirty (30) years was forced by a homeowner to bring a lawsuit for the balance of monies in the amount of approximately $13K owed to him related to their contract for home repairs. Prior to filing, our client, who has done several hundred thousand of dollars worth of work on this homeowners property on her several homes with no complaints or payment problems, tried to resolve the money owed to him. The homeowner refused to pay the contractor, and he had no option but to file a lawsuit against her. Despite over a year of the case being in the Court system, depositions, subpoenas and offers to mediate/arbitrate the case for settlement, the homeowner refused and the case was scheduled for a jury trial in December, 2012. After a five (5) day Jury trial, Attorney Michael Facchini and his client were awarded a Jury verdict in favor of the Contractor in the approximate amount of $13K sought. The Jury rejected the Homeowners counter claims of negligence, code violations and poor workmanship.