Michael D. Facchini

I am first (1st) generation attorney that has been practicing law since 1998. As of January 1, 2011, I began to operate my own law firm now located at 728 Liberty Street, Springfield, MA 01104 as the Law Office of Michael D. FACCHINI. I take pride in remembering my roots and having a solid foundation of ethics instilled by my mother.

Searching for my identity during my late teens and early twenties, I was fortunate to have traveled extensively throughout the United States, South America, and Europe. During those years, I encountered a vast array of people with different cultures, languages, and ethnic backgrounds, which contributed greatly to shaping the person I am today. I witnessed the daily struggles that many people experience, and was inspired by how courageously they handled those struggles every day. It reinforced to me the many privileges that we in America take for granted. The experiences I gained through travel have helped me to become a well-rounded and tolerant individual, always ready to listen to the unique needs and concerns of my clients, knowing that each brings with them their own understanding and background.

In 1993, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Following my graduation, I continued advanced studies in education at Westfield State College and became a Special Education teacher for Springfield Public Schools and a private school in Holyoke.  After beginning law school in 1995, I interned at the City of Springfield Law Department for two years, working under the guidance of Attorney Eugene Mulcahy, City Solicitor Peter Fenton, and the now Honorable Patricia Poelher. I also had the special privilege to clerk under the Honorable Justice Daniel Swords in the Holyoke Juvenile Court system for six months during my third year of studies.

 After graduating from Western New England College of Law in 1998, I was sworn in as a practicing attorney within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Federal Court for the District of Massachusetts. After graduation, I was offered a position as Associate City Solicitor for Springfield, specializing in Workers’ Compensation cases and Civil Litigation. I handled all the work related injuries against the City of Springfield from 1998 through 2001. It was during this time that I gained valuable experience as a work related injury attorney and have since provided litigation, negotiation, and settlements for thousands of injured persons. I pride myself on being a very zealous and compassionate Workers’ Compensation attorney with the sole goal of prevailing on behalf of my clients. I zealously dedicate my legal representations to my clients’ concerns and needs, and do my best to prevail for them.

Since entering the private practice in 2001, my areas of specialty include work related injuries, personal injuries (slip & falls, car accidents, dog bites, etc…), consumer protection issues and breach of contract cases. I have successfully settled cases in the six and seven figure ranges during my career. As a trial attorney, I know when to litigate a case and when it serves the best interests of my client to settle. My role is to be a passionate and tireless advocate for each client’s legal rights when he or she has suffered harm or injustice.

My philosophy as an attorney is to maintain open and honest communication with my client about his or her case, including both strong and weak aspects of it. Put simply, my mission is to provide competent, tireless, honest and straightforward legal counsel to each of my clients. I have learned and witnessed that not all attorneys are alike and I have worked hard to set myself apart from others by building a reputation of integrity and becoming a role model for the legal community by being an attorney who is aggressive, loyal, and dedicated to my clients. I have never forgotten my roots from being a high school dropout, to obtaining a GED, to successfully becoming an attorney in 1998. As such, I’m humbled by all of my life experiences and proud to represent people from every walk of life. I am dedicated to fighting for and winning on behalf of the underdog. I take my advocacy role seriously and I am honored and respectful of all who retain me. You will never see me using gimmicks or misleading statements to advertise my services. I practice the statement: “what you see is what you get.” The vast majority of my new clients are referrals from former and current clients. The greatest compliments I receive are the many thanks from clients who have recognized my passion to tirelessly and honestly fight on their behalf.

My role is to be a confidant and fighter of the average person who has been wronged. I take pride in the fact that my clients have placed their trust, confidence and faith in my law firm. I owe the duty of reciprocation and respect back to each and every client that has retained me. As a result, I do genuinely practice that my clients’ concerns and honesty come first.

I’ll Protect Your Legal Rights

I have never forgotten my humble background and family raised ethics of integrity and honesty from being a high school dropout to the hardest working attorney you will ever need to fight in your behalf.

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