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Arbitration Award SPOTLIGHT:

Arbitration Award over $14500.00 (Car Accident)

PRIOR REJECTED OFFERS: $2,915.00, $4,100.00, $5,000.00 and $5,100.00 , which was the top and final offer prior to Arbitration

Attorney Michael D. Facchini, FACCHINI LAW FIRM recently won a client an Arbitration Award in the amount of $14,500.00. The client was involved in an accident where her vehicle was struck and sent into a snowbank. She suffered a concussion as well as an injury to her ribs.

Attorney Facchini fought relentlessly for the client and negotiated an arbitration hearing with the insurance company after rejecting earlier offers that started at a meager sum of $2,915. During the negotiation process, Attorney Facchini was not satisfied with four prior monetary offers that were submitted. He went back to the negotiating table while putting the firm’s motto into practice: “Clients Concerns and Honesty First.” and was able to get the Insurance Company to agree to Arbitrate the case in short of filing a lawsuit. Based on Attorney Facchini’s litigation skills on behalf of the client the Arbitrator awarded the client 3x the amount of the last offer. This case serves yet another example of how important it is to hire the right law firm who will fight for your rights and be your best advocate to obtain a fair result.