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63K Settlement- February 2020 – Car Accident – (Fracture of a finger)

Attorney Michael D. Facchini, FACCHINI LAW FIRM recently settled a case for a Fractured finger as the result of a car accident. As in all settled cases, the Final monetary settlement for a car accident injury will depend on many factors, including the type of injury, medical treatment, total amount of medical expenses, age, any pre-existing condition, loss of function to that injured body part and whether the injury is permanent or temporary.

During the settlement negotiations (which are always only handled by Attorney Michael Facchini), the offers highlighted above were rejected as not being fair and reasonable to compensate for our Client’s injuries. As a direct result of Michael D. Facchini’s zealous advocacy, relentless negotiations to obtain a fair settlement, and promise of never “selling out” his clients short of the best settlement obtainable without the necessity of filing a lawsuit, a very fair settlement was reached in the amount of $63,000.00. Attorney Michael D. Facchini once again lived up to his well-earned community reputation as an aggressive fighter on behalf of his clients. He’s known for fighting for and obtaining fair settlements, in the best interests of the people he represents. These types of settlements require time, client patience and understanding in the settlement process and faith in their attorney. FACCHINI LAW FIRM is very fortunate to have the best clients who routinely place their confidence, faith, and trust in Attorney Michael D. Facchini’s skills; so much so, that the vast majority of new clients referred are by prior satisfied clients. Attorney Michael D. Facchini genuinely always works tirelessly for his plaintiffs, while applying the firm’s motto of “Clients Concerns and Honesty First.” While most lawyers would stop somewhere in the middle, Attorney Michael Facchini does not!

At Facchini Law Firm, if you get into a car accident, our TOP priority is to handle everything. You focus on your medical treatment to recovery and we will take care of the rest. Let us take your worries off your hands. If you are injured in a car accident and the other driver is at fault, under Massachusetts law a person is entitled to compensation for Injuries, loss wages, Pain and Suffering compensation, and Medical Expenses from the insurance company of the driver that caused the accident. FACCHINI LAW FIRM provides the personal touch of handling each clients’ case with an its own assigned legal secretary, in addition, to Attorney Michael D. Facchini, that take the time to explain the applicable laws, facts of the case, both pro and con, settlement offers and answer all questions. Please call 413-241-8330 and/or email for your FREE consultation.