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Michael D. Facchini recently settled a client’s workers’ compensation case for $600K. The Client was injured at work, fell off a ladder, incurred a knee and a foot injury, and was required to get surgery on both.The Client was collecting total disability benefits for the past several years and wanted to settle.

This person was injured while working due to the negligence of another person from a different business. This said, our client incurred both a work related injury and a personal injury claim against the other business. The Law Office of Michael D. Facchini, FACCHINI LAW FIRM has also filed a lawsuit in Superior Court and we are zealously pursuing that part of this claim to recover further compensation for this Client.

It is important to know that you can be injured at work and potentially have a third party claim, if another unrelated employer/employee caused the accident/injury. This results in 2 claims: workers’ compensation claim (loss wages & medical treatment) and a personal injury claim (recover for pain & suffering).

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