Here’s another great example of why it’s so important to hire an attorney who knows to reject low offers from insurance companies and get you the most possible.

Insurance Company Offers:

$10,000 – REJECTED!

$11,500 – REJECTED!

$16,000 – REJECTED!

$17,500 – REJECTED!

$19,000 – REJECTED!

Attorney Michael D. Facchini advised client to REJECT all prior offers and acted with the firm’s slogan in mind: “Clients’ Concerns and Honesty Come First”!

$19,500 – ***ACCEPTED!***

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, choose a lawyer that has the experience to know what the insurance companies SHOULD BE liable for when it comes to settlements. It takes years of experience, as well as the willingness and tenacity to fight for a fair compensation. Email or call Attorney Michael D. Facchini for a FREE consultation at 413-241-8330.